Our Services

We create interactive content based on new technologies such as Augmented Reality, Oculus Rift, MultiTouch, Body Gesture.

Brand Activation

The consumer behaviour has changed and the way brands communicate with them as well. We deeply think that focusing on the user experience is the right way to attract people’s attention.


Music, lights, visual effects, smells… greatest events are not only meetings, but are a setting of a whole multi-senses experiences that needs to be unique to respond to a demanding audience.

Content Integration

ActiveMe can help you in your data integration and software development by offering adaptable solutions and implementations according to your clients and/or your own digital needs.

Hardware Conception

Logistics, accurate stocks management, effective communication, efficient usage of skilled labor forces, R&D, … ActiveMe can develop solutions and features in regards to your needs and ideas.

  • Real-Time 3D

    Our artists and developers can provide all the needed support for 3D asset creation, mesh animation, physics interaction, IA programming or other visual effects in a real-time context, for any platform (desktop or mobile).

  • Electronics

    ActiveMe posses all the keys to make your unique experience come to life and provides custom electronics solutions that enables innovative interactions between softwares and the physical world.

  • Body Gesture

    With ZCam technology, we are able to analyze human gestures through infra-red maps and algorithms. But it also allows the identification and recognition of postures, gaits, mimics and even behaviors and moods.

  • Augmented Reality

    Today, through a mobile device or a 3D camera, your reality can be “augmented” with computer generated images that will definitely change the way you see things.